Angelus Chapel Funeral Directors


1104 S. Circle
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80910
United States


We serve every family we serve with great pride and we are able to offer a wide range of services to meet your needs and customs. We will listen to you and your wishes to help plan a celebration consistent with your expectations. We will take time to plan every detail and help to relive the burden on your family during your time of loss. It is this quality of service of getting to know our families that we serve that has allowed us to build strong relationships in the Colorado Springs community.Our Brand new state of the art Funeral Home in Colorado Springs is 14,000 square feet and is located at 1104 South Circle, 80912. The Funeral Home consists of one chapel, two arrangement rooms (one of which is the casket selection room), a hospitality and family greeting room, lobby area, banquet facility featuring a large fully equipped kitchen, children’s play room and two viewing rooms. Our crematory is located on-site ensuring your loved one is in our care and in our facility throughout the cremation process. Our staff at Angelus Chapel Funeral Directors and Crematory have nearly one hundred years of combined experience and are ready to help and serve your family.


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Charlotte, NC
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September 2018

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