Funeral Planning

Planning a funeral, whether preneed planning for your own funeral or planning for a recently deceased family member, can be a financially and emotionally depleting event. However, with some advice from the experts it doesn’t have to be that way.

Preneed Funeral

Planning your own funeral ahead of time, most experts agree is a wise financial decision. When someone dies, the family is emotional and probably not making rational choices. For instance, the decision to have a burial or to cremate the deceased can be a heart-wrenching decision so it’s best to know ahead of time what the deceased would want. Urns and caskets can vary widely in cost, and to have to make that decision during a time of grief could be expensive. Therefore, experts advise to pre purchase a cemetery plot and casket in order to make a rational decision.

Planning Funeral Service

Another consideration in funeral planning is the type of service. Would you want a religious or non religious service? Will the funeral service be formal or more casual? What types of hymns, songs, or poems will be performed? Most funeral services are held at the funeral home or at a place of worship, but some people plan their funeral services in a more celebration of life mode in a pub or even on the beach.

Funeral Planning Guide

When planning a funeral you should visit a funeral home and speak to the funeral director, they are the experts at funeral planning and can offer advice whether you are pre planning your own funeral or the funeral of a loved one.

Other considerations in funeral planning are the type of obituary that will be written, who will deliver a eulogy, whether or not the family will accept visitors at home afterwards, even the decision whether or not to have flowers. Many families choose to have donations made to a favorite charity of the deceased in lieu of flowers.

Funeral planning can be expensive and emotional, but with forethought it doesn’t have to be. Whether preneed arrangements for your own funeral or discussing the wishes of a loved one, keep the above considerations in mind to honor your loved one’s wishes and to avoid costly mistakes.