Choosing a Funeral Home


<strong>Choosing a Funeral Home:</strong> Making final arrangements can be an emotional decision. This article will explore helpful tips to make the process of choosing a funeral home easier on your family.... Read full article

Coping with Loss, Grieving, and Bereavement


<div><strong>Coping with the loss of a loved one</strong> is never easy. This article will explore the process of mourning. <br> </div>... Read full article

How do You Find the Best Prices on Caskets


<div>&nbsp;This article will outline for you how you can get the <strong>best casket price </strong>when making this one last final difficult decision for your loved one. </div>... Read full article

Planning a Funeral Service


<strong>Planning a funeral service</strong> is never an easy thing to do. Too often, family tension adds to the stress during an already emotionally charged time. This article will help layout the steps to plan a funeral service.... Read full article

Burial Costs


<div> <div class="article-body"> <p><strong> Burial costs</strong> can be extremely expensive. One way to alleviate the pressure on your family is by pre-planning your arrangements. <br> </p></div></div>... Read full article

How to Control Costs for Your Santa Barbara Cremation

by Dachary Carey on

Many people choose a Santa Barbara cremation over a conventional in-ground burial because cremation offers substantial cost savings versus traditional burial. Families choosing cremation save thousands of dollars.... Read full article

End-of-Life Options

by Anna Louise Stewart on

When Michelle wrote her Advanced Directives, preparing her own end-of-life wishes, she chose an open-air cremation as her first choice of disposition. The method appealed to her because she valued the idea of disintegrating into the air.... Read full article

How to Arrange a Cremation Service


<div> <p>When arranging for <strong>cremation services</strong> there are several factors to consider. <br> </p>&nbsp;</div>... Read full article

Cremation Vaults and Containers


<div>When planning a loved one's final arrangements, consider <strong>cremation vaults/containers</strong> as inexpensive and dignified alternatives to high-priced traditional funerals. <br> </div>... Read full article

Funeral Poems


<div><strong>Funeral poems </strong>are often read or even sung at memorial services and funerals. <strong></strong><br> </div>... Read full article