Cremation Costs

Why Cremation Costs Vary

Cremation costs include many services; some mandatory, others not. The services you choose affect the final cost of cremation. Cremation cost also varies depending on the chosen crematorium. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately answer, "How much does a cremation cost," or, "What is the cost of cremation vs. burial?" However, an average cremation cost can be used as a guide.

Based on information from the National Cremation Research Council, the average cost of cremation is $1,110. This is the cheap cremation cost and for direct cremation only. The cost to cremate with a funeral is about $3,000. The cost for cremation, funeral, and a service and visitation total around $5,000. Although this is a substantial sum, it is actually the average starting price of a traditional burial.

Low Cost Cremation

Low cost cremation services make an attractive alternative for many families, but, if not careful, the cost for cremation could end up equal to the cost of a traditional funeral. Keep in mind that cremations can be done in simple wooden boxes or cardboard boxes rather than fancy or expensive caskets. Some cremation firms include the cost of this box, or cremation container, in the cremation cost along with other services, others do not to make it cheap cremation. When comparing prices of cremation providers, determine what is included in the cremation cost.

Following the death of a loved one, cremation cost is an important concern. You want to honor your friend or family member's life with a grand send off, but you need an affordable cremation to fit within your budget. Rely on the services of the Cremation Society and other professional cremation providers to offer respectful services that allow flexibility in planning a celebration of your loved one's life without causing financial stress.

Affordable Cremation Service

Affordable cremations allow you to honor someone close to you without financial constraint. The Burial and Cremation Society offers pre-pay plans and cheap cremation cost. Direct cremations are affordable because the body cremation takes place within 15 days without any visitation, service, or casket. If the family chooses burial or interment in a columbarium following cremation at a cremation association, the price increases.

A dignity cremation can be followed by placement of ashes in a crematory garden with a remembrance marker. It's a nice choice for families who cannot afford expensive church cemetery sites, but who still want a place to grieve. Dignity cremation services also allow pet owners to celebrate their pet's life. The dog or cat cremation takes place in private with the owner then taking possession of the remains or having the pet's ashes buried in a pet cemetery.

Green Cremation

Green cremation techniques use lye to dissolve human remains rather than heat. This new technique converts a body into non-toxic liquid fertilizer to be spread in flower gardens or fields. As green cremation catches on, it will be an inexpensive cremation technique. Free cremation is possible when someone donates their body to a university's medical school. With a body donation, the university pays for the price of cremation in exchange for use of the body for education.

As the price of cremation is less expensive than a traditional burial, it's a good way to honor a loved one without overcrowding cemeteries. Cremations do not require an expensive casket. Purchase an urn from the crematorium or buy a container from your favorite pottery store. No one will know you reduced the crematory cost, and your loved one is still honored in a fitting manner. Pre-planning your cremation services makes sense. If you're worried about burdening your family with the cremation cost in the future, talk to a professional cremation service about the benefits to planning cremation arrangements in advance.

December 9, 2017

By Funeral Home Resource