Bereavement: How to Help

A period of bereavement is a difficult time for any family. Sometimes it is hard to know what to say or do to comfort those in bereavement. Death of a loved one is a traumatic experience. Some people are uncomfortable expressing their grief because it is a private emotion and hard to share with others. A bereavement service is a lovely way to remember someone, as is offering gifts that bring comfort to the family. Gifts are a wonderful way to show sympathy for the bereaved family without having to say anything at all.

Bereavement cards are a lovely and traditional way to express sympathy for those in bereavement Death is a difficult subject to discuss; sometimes we ask bereavement cards to say what we cannot. Some offer poetic or religious messages while other cards simply have peaceful pictures with no message allowing the giver can compose a unique, personalized message. If the family follows a particular religious tradition, they will appreciate a card written specifically for members of that tradition.

Bereavement flowers are also a beautiful gesture; one can choose from a vast range of colors and arrangements. To order bereavement flowers, simply contact a quality florist and discuss options. There are flower arrangements that are meant to stand next to a casket or placed on top of a casket. Often, funeral homes provide the flower service. There are also arrangements appropriate for the family home or the graveside. Some families request donations be made to a specific charity in memory of the deceased. It is respectful to determine and follow the wishes of the family.

Bereavement pictures are a particularly individual gift that can be very touching for the bereaved. Pictures of the vibrant person the deceased once was can be displayed at a memorial service. Alternately, pictures can be shared during a wake or visitation as an opportunity to fondly remember and share the deceased. Bereavement pictures can also be posted online at an obituary site or memorial page.

Giving a thoughtful gift to the family offers comfort during their worst period of bereavement.

November 13, 2015