A Prepaid Cremation

Introduction to Prepaid Cremation Services

The benefits of prepaid cremation are significant. A loving, dignified tribute is planned without subjecting yourself or your family to uncomfortable financial debt. Cremation planning includes researching options and finding a reputable funeral home. Funeral home staff details cremation plans and specifies cremation prices. Define your own cremation plan by writing down your specific requests for your own prepaid cremation service. Turn that into a defined contract with the funeral home. Ensure you understand all terms in the contract for prepaid cremation plans including cremation costs and payment schedules. An attorney should review the contract before signing. Make sure family members know where to locate the prepaid cremation contract in the future. More detailed information on cremation can be found at cremation.funeralhomeresource.com. As with traditional burials, cremation plans can be made in advance and prepaid options are available with most service providers. Consumers who choose prepaid cremation generally do so for financial or emotional reasons. Often, both factors motivate people to seek out advance cremation planning.

Independence With Advance Cremation Planning

Individuals and families who make prepaid cremation plans may find this results in a lower overall cost of cremation service. The funeral home or crematorium may offer a discount for advance payments and the prices for services are protected against inflation by using an inflation-proof contract. Individuals and families have the option of comparing services and costs between different funeral homes, cremation providers, and memorial chapels when there is not an immediate need pressing a decision.

A frequently cited reason for pursuing pre-need cremation planning is an individual's desire to be independent, taking personal responsibility for his or her own final arrangements. Many consumers who seek out prepaid cremation plans express they do not want their children or loved ones burdened by making a cremation plan at the time of their passing. Consumers making prepaid cremation plans also state they want to be certain they will receive a memorial that is personal to their faith, interests, and family. This may include making one's own cremation urn plans as there are many unique options now available among urn designs and materials.

Financing Prepaid Cremation Plans

When financing prepaid cremation plans, consumers can choose from upfront payment or making monthly payments. Many cremation societies offer low or zero percent interest rates on financing, and insurance coverage is available if the consumer moves to a different state or country. There are also nationwide cremation plans available, designed to provide basic cremation services anywhere in the United States.

Other Considerations

Cremation planning may be an option for families wanting specialized services, such as a Veteran's memorial service, or a particular cultural or religious ceremony. Final arrangements with numerous details take extra effort and resources to plan; having made cremation plans in advance ensures the wishes of the deceased will be fully respected during their memorial service.

December 9, 2017

By Funeral Home Resource