A Cremation Funeral

Today many families are choosing a cremation funeral for their loved ones. People are motivated by philosophical, religious, financial, or even environmental reasons. In some states, such as Florida, approximately half of all families now choose cremation for their loved ones. This option allows families to make personalized decisions about the cremated remains. Loved ones may bury the remains, choose internment in a columbarium, scatter the remains, or place the cremation urn in a private home.

On average, a cremation funeral service is about half the price of a comparable ground burial cost because there is no need to purchase a gravesite. The cost varies based on location of the service, type of cremation vessel used, and selection of cremation urn.

Planning a cremation funeral service is similar to the process of planning a traditional burial service. Some people choose to hold a funeral cremation in a place of worship or a funeral home. Others prefer to have a cremation funeral service in the crematory chapel, if one is available. Depending on faith and religious beliefs, a memorial service may occur in a temple, church, or other place of worship.

Families planning a funeral cremation also need to decide if they would like to have visitation or viewing of the deceased, and if this will be open or closed casket. Many who choose a cremation funeral do not have a viewing before the cremation, but, for those who do, there are different options available. Families can select a cremation casket that is specially designed for viewings, or they can use a rental casket from the memorial chapel or funeral home for the visitation period.

Like all memorial services, a funeral cremation service can be planned in advance, also known as pre-need funeral planning. Some individuals and families prefer to make arrangements for themselves and their loved ones beforehand, so that when the time comes, the wishes of the deceased are known. Pre-arranging a cremation funeral also allows for pre-payment and budgeting, providing a sense of comfort, knowing one will not financially burden one's family when one dies.

June 4, 2017

By Elaine O.