Specialty Urns

Specialty urns are cremation urns that are unique or particularly decorative. A specialty urn is chosen

  • As a decorative urn for display
  • To reference hobbies of the deceased
  • To match the personality of the deceased
  • To represent faith
  • To serve a function other than holding cremated remains
  • Simply for its beauty.

Faith Urns

Urns commonly are decorated with representations of faith. Religious art and tokens are an important reminder of the import of faith and its relation to death. Religious urns are also a means to identify the deceased as a person of faith or member of a church.

Faith urns may be as simple as a wooden box engraved with a cross, or with a cross placed on top of the box. Religious urns may also be decorated with faith symbols such as an ichthys or Star of David. Sometimes the shape of the urn itself is unique, in the shape of a book, for example. Religious urns are comforting to families, and an important connection to their faith.

Specialty Urns with Personality

Many specialty urns reference a sport or hobby important to the deceased, or something in the person's life history, such as military service. Lifestyle cremation urns offer the opportunity to celebrate something meaningful in the life of a loved one. They inspire memories of an active life. Hobby urns represent everything from fishing to motorcycles.

Military cremation urns honor the service of the deceased. They are a meaningful way to memorialize the deceased, and may be engraved with symbols of service, or adorned with flags, eagles, or medals. A military urn is a fitting way to honor a veteran.

Clock Urns

A clock urn is a cremation urn with a practical purpose. The urn contains a working clock, which may be a simple clock face, or an elaborate art clock. A clock urn is a practical and beautiful item that fits well on a mantle or a bedroom dresser. In this manner, the memorial is featured in everyday life.

Decorative Urns

Specialty urns are also chosen for their aesthetic. Beautiful cremation urns made from special or limited materials, or with special artistic or technical expertise are in demand. The glaze finish from the Japanese Raku firing technique on ceramic urns is popular, as are burial jars in the Korean style. Specially carved wood boxes or art glass containers make beautiful urns, even when that isn't their original, designated intent.

Specialty urns are sought for their meaning, their beauty, and their relevance. Whether honoring a veteran's military service, acknowledging one's faith, or remembering a loved ones passion, a specialty urn is a simple, long-term way to tie to the essence of the deceased.


15 Apr 2013

By Karen Parker