Pre-Planning Your Funeral Arrangements

When preplanning a funeral and making funeral arrangements you will find that in choosing all of the details, such as the funeral home, there are many other important items to take into consideration. It is becoming more common for people to engage in funeral preplanning- often referred to as Pre-Need Funerals- this makes their wishes clear to all family members and cuts down on confusion.

Just as every family is different, so is every funeral. A funeral should reflect the deceased person, their wishes, and their family. Most funerals arrangements are planned according to religious and/or cultural traditions. A military veteran may wish to have a military presence at the funeral or be buried in a veteran’s cemetery. These factors are all very important, and as with any important decision, some items will be more important to you, than to others.

By funeral preplanning, or planning your funeral arrangements in advance, you can involve the family members or friends who will be involved in the funeral details. For many, it is easier to express their wishes for their funeral arrangements in the form of a written document—such as a will. Using a guide or checklist to plan a funeral is essential. It is easy to forget smaller details when planning ahead. In lieu of a checklist, you may want to consult with a funeral home in your area that will guide you through the funeral preplanning process.

For many people, they not only plan the small details of their funeral arrangements, but also down to their funeral or burial plot or mausoleum. This can be done for a variety of reasons, but the most common is to be buried in a family plot or in the near vicinity of other family graves. Contrary to most first instincts, pre-planning your funeral is not morbid, but often offers comfort knowing that things will be as you desire, and knowing it will eliminate the stress off of your family members and loved ones.

Most Funeral Homes can help you with the details of your Pre-need Funeral. There are many resources on the Internet, such as, that will be helpful in the planning process and will allow you to research funeral homes in your area.

30 Nov 2009

By Funeral Home Resource Team