Pre-Planning and Pre-Funding Your Funeral

Many people are often surprised at the cost of the funeral. Family members often experience ‘sticker shock’ at the costs incurred for what they believe to be a ‘simple’ funeral.

Pre-planning and Pre-Funding your funeral is one of the best ways to control expenses. Since a modest funeral these days can cost around $6000, which can be difficult for many people to pay for, by Pre-Funding, you save them from this stress.

The most basic place to begin is to decide whether to be buried or cremated. This will begin the process of your funeral planning. Either way involves purchasing a casket, but the costs will split from there. Burial requires a plot, headstone, and various burial (referred to as Opening and Closing) costs. A cremation will require the cost of the cremation and the purchase of an urn. Choosing where to have your ashes stored or scattered could be a cost too depending upon if there is travel involved or where you want them stored.

The decision of whether and where to have the viewing and funeral will involve costs as well. A funeral home or a chapel will both have fees which accompany the service. All funeral homes are required by law to have a printed price sheet. You can find local funeral homes at After you research, you may wish to visit different funeral homes in order to choose one based upon cost, set-up and the staff. You can often find feedback online and review their performance in the past.

Upon choosing a funeral home, you can ask about Funeral pre-payment or Funeral Pre-Funding plans. This will mean that you can pay ahead for the services ahead of time. By Pre-Funding your funeral, you can often save money. As with all goods and services, prices inflate over time. By purchasing your funeral in advance, you pay today’s prices, even if it is decades before you need it! Most established funeral homes have Pre-Funding Plans available.

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30 Nov 2009

By Funeral Home Resource Team