Pre-Planning a Funeral : Preneed Funeral Planning

For most of us, thinking about our own death is a rather morbid subject. But by Pre-planning your funeral you will help your family when the time arrives. Preneed funeral planning relieves your family of having to make important financial decisions during a period of great stress and grief.
This article will give you an overview of funeral Pre-Planning, but keep in mind your local funeral home will be able to provide you with more in depth information and be able to help you make your actual preneed arrangements.

Pre Need: The Basics of Pre-Planning Funerals

Pre-planning a funeral is commonly referred to as "preneed" planning. Preneed refers to prearranging and pre-funding your own funeral. This means you plan your funeral details and pay for part of, or all of, the funerals costs. Many people opt for a preneed insurance policy that will cover the cost of the funeral at the time of death.

When Pre-planning your funeral, you do not have to pay for or purchase the choices you make in the funeral pre-planning process.

Why is Preneed Funeral Planning Important?

The largest advantage to pre-planning your funeral is that you are helping your family. By pre-planning your funeral, you relieve your family of having to make important financial decisions during a period of great stress and grief. If your funeral has already been pre-arranged- even if only partially- you remove that stress from them. Remember, when the time comes they will be grief stricken and may not be thinking clearly. By Pre-planning your funeral, you will help ease their burden.

It's easy to say, "I don't care what you do with me... just bury me and go on" but you must keep in mind the funeral and memorial service are really more for the living, than the deceased. Your family wants to gather with friends and loved ones and remember you. By giving them a 'plan of action' you make it possible for them to grieve their loss without worrying about what you would want.

Pre-planning your funeral can be very informal, even as simple as writing out a few sentences and placing it with your will or other documents and telling a family member where it is. You can create a more formal and structured pre-planning outline with the assistance of a funeral director. These can be paid for in advance, if you wish, or you can have it pre-funded through life insurance, bank trust agreement, or another method.

By pre-planning your funeral, you can:
make all the arrangements during a time of peace and not leave them to your family during their time of grief;

Make your wishes known
Control the cost of your funeral and protect from inflation if you have pre-funded your funeral;and
protect your life insurance so that it provides for your survivors and not for funeral expenses

Benefits of Pre-Planning a Funeral

Prearranging a funeral:
Involves your family in making these difficult decisions and removes the burden from them when the need arises.
Every detail can be arranged according to your wishes.
Pre-funding a funeral:
Spares your loved ones from financial worry or limitations
protects from the cost of inflation

29 Jan 2010

By Funeral Home Resource Team