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Plan a Funeral


A plan funeral is not complicated to develop, so long as you approach it intentionally and with some forethought. A funeral offers family and loved ones the chance to grieve and to express their feelings, which is a healthy part of dealing with...... Read full article

What is a Green Burial?

by Jeff Jorgenson on

What makes green burial different than a traditional one? I long for a day where there will be a simple answer, but I fear that day will not arrive.... Read full article

Funeral Homes for Cremation Services

by MGIII on

Find the right funeral service provider... Read full article

What is a Mausoleum?


A mausoleum is far more than a monument designed to house the remains of the deceased. A private mausoleum is a statement and a unique expression of the individual or family, in addition to being a lasting monument to the deceased.... Read full article

Funeral Guidelines for the Bereaved

by Gill Brothers Funeral and Cremation Services on

A funeral helps you - and those that knew the deceased - face death. This is an important step in the grieving process. Funerals also provide a support structure of family and friends that help you during this time.... Read full article

Cremation PrePlanning


Cremation preplanning, along with funeral preplanning, is becoming increasingly popular in today’s well-informed and budget-conscious society. Preplanning cremation offers many benefits, both to the individual and to the family.... Read full article

Important Death Paperwork Before and After Cremation


Losing a loved one signals the beginning of an emotional grieving process for family members, but it also carries administrative burdens. If you have recently lost a loved one, expect to handle the following important paperwork.... Read full article

How to Choose a Funeral Home


When you select a funeral home, you’ll be buying a casket, arranging a viewing, and conducting a funeral with that provider. Take these arrangements under consideration when selecting a funeral home. Ask a few important questions.... Read full article

Alternative Funerals: No Longer Uncommon


<div>Alternative funerals are becoming more and more popular. With average funeral costs as high as they are, alternative funeral services can be a true money saver. Many of them are highly individualized, and planning personal alternative funeral se... Read full article

What are Alternative Funeral Services Like?


<div><strong>Alternative Funerals</strong> are becoming more and more mainstream.&nbsp; <br> </div>... Read full article