Picking out Sympathy Flowers for a Funeral

Sending sympathy funeral flowers honors the memory of an acquaintance, co-worker, friend or family member. The practice of sending funeral flowers is common in many cultures around the world. The act of sending flowers acknowledges that the deceased was important in the lives of others and that they will be missed.

When picking out flowers for sympathy, the first step is to decide what style of arrangement is appropriate. Sympathy funeral flowers are found in many shapes, sizes and types. Funeral wreaths, sprays, or shaped arrangements such as crosses are often sent to the funeral home. Basket arrangements or potted plants are appropriate to send to both the funeral home and the bereaved family's residence. Vase arrangements of fresh-cut flowers are frequently sent to the workplace of the deceased or to the family's residence.

Choosing a florist is the next step in ordering flowers for sympathy. If the sender is in a different city or state from where the funeral is taking place, the person placing the order has several choices. They can contact a flower shop in the bereaved family's hometown, speak with a florist in their own locale or order sympathy flowers online, through a national flower delivery service. In order to clarify details, it is often better to speak directly with a florist in the same location as the planned funeral.

Next, the sender chooses the types of flowers to include in the arrangement, basket or vase. The florist will discuss the various options and advise the person sending funeral flowers on what blooms they have available. Some traditional choices include lilies, roses, carnations, gladioli and chrysanthemums. Sending a favorite flower of the deceased is a way of acknowledging their individuality that the bereaved family will certainly appreciate.

An appropriate card is selected to attach to the sympathy funeral flowers. Signing both first and last names is important so that the bereaved family easily identifies the sender. Delivery of the arrangement is the final step. Flowers should arrive at the funeral home before the first scheduled visitation. If this is not possible, sending flowers directly to the family's home is a good alternative.

Sending funeral flowers is a time-honored way to acknowledge an individual's passing and also comforts the family of the deceased, letting them know they are not alone in their sorrow.

15 Mar 2011

By Funeral Home Resource