Low Cost Funeral

Funeral Costs

Low cost funerals are necessary for many families. Although the average cost of a funeral can range from around $4000 to more than $15000, it is important to speak with the mortician at your funeral home of choice about your budget. Often morticians can provide a range of prices which help you determine your best options and ensure you have a dignified low cost funeral.

How much does a funeral Cost?

Many factors may help bring down funeral costs. If a death is the result of a long illness, the deceased may choose to help with funeral arrangements to ensure they meet their own wants and desires. This can include pre-payment for a funeral. By doing this, the funeral home allow a family to pay for a funeral months or years in advance while locking in the prices at the time of the contract. That can result in significant savings and a low cost funeral.

Cost of a funeral

If the funeral was not paid for in advance, other options which may significantly reduce cost are either foregoing a wake at a funeral home and holding all services grave side when someone is buried or choosing cremation over burial. When someone is cremated, this helps ensure a low cost funeral by reducing the overall costs by as much as 75 percent. If you choose to hold a wake, it can be done either in your home or that of a family member which will also reduce costs or you can have a wake and memorial service at a funeral home using a rented casket. Because the body would be cremated, it is optional of whether to have a formal service at a cemetery but funerals which consist of a wake followed by cremation are among the best ways to ensure a low cost funeral.

15 Nov 2010

By Funeral Home Resource Team