How to Handle Burial Costs

Burial costs seem daunting when a person is unprepared to handle them. Many times loved ones do not pre-arrange services, leaving the job of handling arrangements to the surviving family and friends who are emotionally and many times financially unprepared for such a task.

Burial expense insurance is one way to plan for burial costs. With the cost averaging anywhere between $6,000 and $10,000 for the funeral service, casket and vault for just a basic funeral, burial expense insurance is a good method for covering costs rather than leaving them for family members to handle at a later time.

Another option to consider is burial cost assistance. There are a few different avenues to follow in order to gain assistance. Each has its own requirements and the available amount varies. Social Security offers assistance for qualified people. Family members can contact their state Social Security office to find out if assistance is available to help them with burial costs.

Another option to pursue is state and local government. Many governments have a fund available for families in need of assistance when handling the task of covering a burial expense. Check with county and state offices for information on any possible programs. For veterans, the Department of Veteran Affairs many times offers aid to the family of a qualified veteran. Families can contact the state office to find out if their loved one qualifies for this assistance. There are usually other services available as well.

Many families in their time of grief do not think to look to a church organization for help. Numerous church organizations are willing to give assistance when a loved one is lost. This also includes aid with childcare and meals. The church is also a good source of comfort and peace of mind during such a difficult time.

With these assistance options available, families can breathe a bit easier, knowing there are avenues which they can turn to for help with their grief and burial cost assistance. It is also beneficial to get informed of possible costs to make the best decision when choosing the casket and other burial services.


12 Feb 2011

By FHR Staff