Funeral Songs

Funeral Songs can play an important role during a funeral or memorial service. Selecting the funeral songs will be just one of the many choices you need to make and it can seem like an almost insignificant decision. While it might seem small compared to other decisions that need to be made, it should not be overlooked. Music helps to focus attention on the reality of the loss and can help mourners move through the grieving process.

Selecting the funeral songs can be difficult because you need to try to balance your feelings with the feelings of others, while find a song that reflects the person who has passed away. Keep in mind there are no rules or restrictions about the type of music that is best for a funeral or memorial service. If the deceased loved a particular song, playing the song during the funeral would usually be appropriate.

1. Choose funeral songs that provide comfort and pleasant memories of your loved one.
2. The song could reflect the person's personality or be one that was a favorite of his or hers.
3. People handle grief in different ways. When selecting funeral songs that are less traditional, you can explain your choice in the program or during the service.
4. Instrumental versions of secular music or hymns can incorporate special songs either before or during the service.
5. If selecting the funeral songs is too difficult for you, you can ask the funeral director to select your funeral songs for you.

06 May 2010

By Funeral Home Resource Team