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Why Final Expense Insurance is Critical and Must Not Be Ignored

by Barry Harrin on

It seems that both life insurance and death are subjects most people prefer to avoid or ignore until it’s too late. Learn more about final expense insurance options today. ... Read full article

Cremation PrePlanning


Cremation preplanning, along with funeral preplanning, is becoming increasingly popular in today’s well-informed and budget-conscious society. Preplanning cremation offers many benefits, both to the individual and to the family.... Read full article

How to Handle Burial Costs


<div><strong>Burial costs</strong> seem daunting...but here are some tips on how to control the funeral budget</div>... Read full article

Burial Costs Increasing


<div>Like many things in today's world,<strong> burial costs</strong> are on the rise. As funeral homes across the nation see a decline in revenue, as well as an increase in overhead costs, families are increasingly forced to pay higher costs to bury ... Read full article

Funeral Insurance- What is it?


<strong>Funeral Insurance:</strong> You may have heard about Funeral insurance. But, what is funeral insurance and what exactly does it cover?... Read full article

Benefits of Funeral Insurance


<strong>Funeral Insurance benefits:</strong> What are the benefits to having a funeral insurance policy?... Read full article

Pre-Planning a Funeral : Preneed Funeral Planning


<strong>Pre-Planning a Funeral : Preneed Funeral Planning:</strong> For most of us, thinking about our own death is a rather morbid subject. But by Pre-planning your funeral you will help your family when the time arrives.... Read full article

What is Funeral Insurance?


<strong>Funeral insurance,</strong> which is often referred to as "pre-need" insurance, is life insurance that you buy specifically to pay for your final expenses, such as the funeral service, caskets, flowers, etc.... Read full article

Pre-Planning and Pre-Funding Your Funeral


By <strong>Preplanning and Pre-Funding your funeral</strong>, you can spare your loved ones the emotional and financial stress of caring for you after your death.... Read full article