Cremation PrePlanning

Cremation preplanning, along with funeral preplanning, is becoming increasingly popular in today’s well-informed and budget-conscious society. An aging generation is beginning to realize the benefits of cremation preplanning, both for themselves and for the family they’ll leave behind. Is a preplanned cremation right for you?

What is Cremation PrePlanning?

Cremation preplanning is when an individual, sometimes with family members, sits down with a cremation provider and plans the cremation service and options before he or she passes. Preplanning is increasingly common as people become more aware of the options and benefits of preplanning.

Benefits of Cremation PrePlanning

Preplanning cremation offers many benefits, both to the individual and to the family. The most notable of these benefits are:

  • Make Your Own Decisions When You PrePlan Your Cremation

    One of the biggest benefits for many individuals is the ability to make their own decisions. If you feel strongly about the way you’d like to be laid to rest, your funeral service, being cremated, or other aspects of the funeral process, preplanning ensures you get to do things the way you want them done. Make your service as simple or elaborate as you want. Decide whether you want to include secular or religious elements, or what music you’d like to play. Even select the urn you’d like, or where you’d like your remains to go after cremation.

    Would you like to have your remains scattered over land, burial at sea, or have a wind scattering? Or would you prefer to be interred in a cremation urn at a cemetery or columbarium, or have your family keep your remains?

  • Free Your Family from Stressful Decisions

    In addition to the ability to customize your cremation and service in whatever manner you prefer, when you preplan, you also free your family from stressful decisions during a time of grieving. After you’re gone, your family may be caught up in the emotions of losing you. The last thing they’ll want to do is plan your cremation. You can remove this burden from them, and let them focus on grieving for you and finding closure when you preplan your cremation.

  • Save Money with Cremation PrePlanning

    Finally, cremation preplanning offers the tangible, practical benefit of saving money and being able to control your funeral costs. When you make cremation arrangements today, many cremation providers give you the option of prepaying for your cremation at today’s cremation price. If rates increase in the years before you pass, the cremation will already be paid and your family won’t have to deal with cremation costs. You can help control costs and save money, and reduce the financial burden your family will face when you’re gone, by prepaying.

Ultimately, cremation preplanning makes a good deal of sense for individuals and families alike. Couples can go together and make arrangements as a unit to ensure they’ll have suitable services, and find a final resting place together. Cremation preplanning eases the burden on the grieving family members left behind, and offers financial benefits, minimizing the price of cremation, for budget-conscious individuals.


09 Apr 2013

By Dachary Carey