Alternative Funerals

When it comes time to bid farewell to a loved one, there are a number of predictable means through which one can hold a funeral. However, today many people are looking for distinct and unique means to say good-bye, seeking out alternative funeralsthat seem appropriate to their particular family and to the deceased. Rather than a casket and a hillside, many people have taken cremation containers to scatter ashes in places that they feel honor the deceased. One unique and beautiful possibility is the act of scattering the ashes at sea.

A family can rent a boat specifically for the cause of scattering ashes at sea. Likewise, a circle of surfboards gathered near the shore create a peaceful, family feel for a service on the water. Often families bring flowers to scatter on the water with the ashes.

In a day of expensive memorial services, funeral alternatives provide a low-cost funeral for families in a hard situation. Mortician services are still required for cremation, but the cost of the burial is significantly lower. A mortician can offer advice on how best to handle the ashes for the service, but the process is simple and free in style for the family to design. A clergy member can help guide the process so that the service is appropriately dignified. Family members may want to hire a photographer for the service because of the uniquely beautiful nature of the event.

Alternative funerals provide families the freedom to express their grief through their own means and in a style of their choosing. It's a viable and thoughtful alternative to the traditional service.


23 Sep 2010

By Funeral Home Resource Team