Funeral, Funeral Pre-Planning, and Cemetery Resources

Funeral Resources

Funeral FAQ
Frequently asked questions and answers to common funeral issues.
Veterans Benefits and Funeral Resources
Do you have questions about U.S. military veteran death benefits, survivor benefits, or other related issues? This page answers the most common questions about veteran's benefits.
Funeral Planning
Planning a funeral, whether preneed planning for your own funeral or planning for a recently deceased family member, can be a financially and emotionally depleting event. However, with some advice from the experts, it doesn’t have to be that way.
Plan a Funeral Service and Arrangements
Most people don’t consider how to plan a funeral service until someone close to them dies. By then they are in an emotional state and may not make rational decisions. Therefore, it is beneficial to think about how to plan a funeral before it is absolutely necessary.
Easing Grief in Times of Death
Death is a reality we all have to face at one time or another. Although these times of grief take a great toll on our emotions, there are ways to make the process less painful.
Funeral Director Blog
Ask the Funeral Director is our blog, answering common funeral, death, and end of life questions.
Prepaid Funeral and Prepaid Insurance
Many people have questions about preplanning or pre-arranging their funeral, as well as prepayment (or prefunding) issues including funeral insurance. This page sheds light on some of these common questions.
Funeral Traditions for Various Religions
Different religions have varied funeral traditions. This page guides you to articles covering Jewish funerals, Christian funerals, and the death rituals of other world religions.
Funeral Glossary
Definitions and meanings of common funeral terms.
A Funeral Checklist
Useful checklist of items to be addressed during and after the funeral.
The Funeral Rule
The Funeral Rule, a law enacted by the Federal Trade Commission, states, among other things, that all funeral directors are required to provide a General Price List, or GPL, to anyone who requests a copy. This article covers the basic information provided by the Funeral Rule.
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